TataSky Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

“Aao Dikhaye Duniya ko ki Ek Aur Ek Mile toh bane Gyarah!”

TataSky’s annual Sales Conference in 2008 pivoted around the importance of team building, with the motto “Together Further”. The idea underlying this thought was that the different sections of the company would have to work together seamlessly to achieve bigger goals.

Revamping Concepts
Catalysing positive change and reaching across barriers
TataSky employees from all across the country converged at The Leela, Goa, to celebrate camaraderie and team spirit. The three-day conference saw informal team-building activities and games alongside formal presentations and motivational talks.
The team rose to the occasion as it faced a massive logistical challenge - maintaining the quality of services while expanding its consistent reach to each and every guest.