“Ek naya rang, Ek naya josh, Ek kuch alag si shaam, Aap jitne walon ke naam”

Tanishq brought the glamour of Bollywood to its jewellery collection, showcasing traditional hand-crafted pieces that were used for the styling of the Oscar-entry film Paheli, starring Shahrukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee.

A Rajasthani Romance
For a Love that transcends space and time
The Paheli collection was unveiled by inviting ladies to experience the luxurious magic of exquisite jewellery. A special makeover session by renowned make-up artists was organised to let every woman feel like a queen.
Pulling together the different strands of elegance, timelessness, and opulence, and presenting them coherently as part of a brand campaign was achieved through reinforced associations between closely-allied concepts.